The Night of Mothers Day

It was the night of Mothers Day

At work I was, working away

Then mother ran in and seemed to say

“There’s a fire at the property and the horses need saved!”


Panic struck, then sunk

With only seconds to spare

I dashed out of there

With no fear, threw that Super duty in gear

Then peel, and squeal

To the streets; but I see

Red light, no cops in sight

So I pass, real fast, haulin’ ass


What was usually a half hour drive

But I was doing 90 in a 45

So I arrived ten minutes flat

But it became real intense after that


I arrived two properties down

To a county sheriff walking around

He slowly approached my truck window

And by that time I was about to blow


He asked me what I was doing about

And I screamed “To get my horses out!!”

He told me I couldn’t go any further

So go pull that truck over

And we can wait and see

And maybe…if the fire gets bad

They will set them free


My head imploded

Suddenly slow motion

The sirens and lights

So bright, dim sight

Calm down, look around

And wait and watch the place burn down?


A lady approached me

Squeezed me, relieved me

Tears roll down, then sounds

Of fire burning all around

I knew this was not a dream

When the lady said “Their fine, they haven’t scream”


My head now spinning

And the fire now winning

Watching embers fly

Into the fire stained sky


Thinking harder

Planning smarter

Taking glances around

Notice the Forestry driving down


With a plan in hand

The man fans

For me

To run and meet


I tell my story

My eyes look worried

He nods to his partner

“Jump in the car here

And we’ll take ya down there

But keep low so the cops unaware”


I sink into the back seat

Nervous of what I’m going to see

They stop at the property

I jump out to take a peak

A fireman approaches me

“Do you own this place sweetie?”


As I walked further into the fire glowing haze

I nodded yes and gazed away

At fire smoldering on either side

Of the properties front drive


Peering through the thick smoke

Trying not to choke

Keeping dreams afloat

And never giving up on hope


Then suddenly I see

Horses pacing, all three

Anxious, sweaty and probably smell

That’s what happens when you’ve been through hell


I call a friend and wait and see

If she will come and rescue me

And through thick smoke and smog

She has come to do the job

And with her came my neighbor

To help be a savior


So the three of us walk past

Trees burning, hoses blast

Truck lights, sounds

Men running all around


Horses braved

We have saved

Nothing I lack

I never looked back


We walk them further down the road

On that trailer they did load

Hugs and thanks and goodnights

Grasp of happy endings in sight

Though I made it very clear

Fire rages in my rearview mirror


Home I go to rest my head

Finally time to lay in bed

Smelling like a forest fire

My eyes heavy and begin to tire


Wake up in the morning sun

And asses the damage that was done

But before the sun was to rise

A little bit before five

My phone rang, my neighbors sound

Calling to tell me my barn burned down

A thick frown draws down

I sigh out loud

I have nothing left to say

On the night of Mothers Day

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