Memories in the Park

We walk a worn path between the trees

My dog and me

Striding over sand fleas

By the stream that flows so free

We enter the woods and it begins to rain

Squirrels run above like cars in a lane

The branches shake, the dew can’t refrain

From jumping and falling and exploding in vain

I sprint through the woods to the edge of the stream

And watch the current so serene

Like a dream it seems I’m a fiend

For trying to clean this stream to pristine

My dog Flash runs ahead

Darts through the green grass bed

Right when I should have said

Let’s take another path instead

So here I sit on the top of this hill

So still, watching Flash have a thrill

Until memories flow by from a windmill

The corners of my mouth start to slope downhill

My eyes fill up and begin to spill

Tears of sadness, not at my will

I call Flash to say lets go

Before my head implodes

And the memories reload

Of the days when we strode

Down the river banks and your heart showed

Mine how time could be slowed.

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