God To Me

God in general gives people hope

They worship him and hail the pope

But history has been so kind

To tell us this religious crime

Waging wars and taking money

So people can save their favorite honey

So I ask myself what is God to me

Is he the one that saved my family

Is he the one who gave us this child

And now my life far from ordinary or mild

Was it He who left us to fend for ourselves

Posted our book up high on some shelves

Did it happen because we don’t attend church

Or because to believe I have to really search

For the reason my life was thrown upside down

But I believe he exists all around

I don’t talk to him in the usual place

I try and find him out in space

In the space he created for us to live

That we take so much from and never give

Give back the natural wonders of creation

And will this put us back in salvation

To save this world will take some time

Change the way we work our minds

Adapt the way we work and play

And stop the planet from going gray

So we have a lot of work you see

In absence this is God to me.

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